Past works

A selection of some of the art pieces, performances and ideas for which I have a visual record...

Endless Day

2014 performance piece for film festival celebrating Kubrick


2013 collage, University of Hertfordshire

Selected installations from the Goldsmiths years:


Fog Room, 2006

Auto-Italia, 2007

Light Room, 2008

Cardboard City

2015 installation at Escape Arts, Stratford

English Summer Solution

2017 installation, Luton


2017, APT Arts, London

Flowers Purple by Railways

2016 performance piece, Highbury, London

The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal

2012 mural, St. Albans


2015 performance piece, Stag's Head Hoxton

Oliver (herpes) + Katie (teletuby)

2016 watercolour.

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