Backdrop is a photographic and installation exhibition that celebrates Luton, the place where our lives unfold. It shines a light on the ignored, forgotten (even hated) spaces, places and things.


When Luton came 1st in the “Crap Towns” book the author said that the thing that annoyed him the most was the residents’ blind love for the place. This exhibition aims to channel and display that love.


It consists of a series of black and white photographs of the people of Luton, engaged in little moments of their lives, with the sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal architecture of Luton as their backdrop, mirroring the spectrum of experiences here. I have attached a selection of these to this proposal. They have been printed to A3 size C-Type and framed.


These would be accompanied by a series of installation pieces, described below:


Paved with Gold

A paving tile mould filled with wet cement. A sign points to the cement with the legend “Donations.”



A series of garments which have been decorated with objects found on the streets of Luton, each has a title in spray paint stencil.


Hammer Without a Master

A car door from the last Luton-built car, the Vectra is hung from the ceiling. A hammer is attached to the floor by a cable. Visitors can use the hammer to damage the door. Subsequent visitors could hammer out the dents – or cause more damage.


Decay – Attack

A piece of generative music based on samples of sounds gathered in Luton


Window Dressing

A series of instructions designed to be distributed to shops to standardise their window displays. These will have been prepared in response to what is already on display in the window of Luton Debenhams, for example, detailing the imperfections. Accompanied with a photograph of the display.


A found piece, selected form Luton Market – a decorated chalk board menu for a café, surrounded by fake plastic plants and a plastic vase. A beautiful example of the art of the people.


There are a few other ideas in progress, and these will respond to what is unfolding against the backdrop of Luton at any point.

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