Anushka Marek is a conceptual artist who has been practicing across the globe over the past 32 years. Her work is often temporal, itinerant, and hidden in plain sight. She was born in Pivka, Slovenia, but has lived in many places, and left a trace across them all. Her practice focuses on psycho-geography: of non-places and borders.


The concept of "the border" has fascinated her - that a line could signify such political, social and economic change. This has led to the line becoming a signature of sorts in some of her works, or "aktions" as she refers to them.

She eschews the traditional channels of the art establishment, preferring instead to walk its borders: as the outsider looking in.

In her childhood, Marek's Cypriot mother took her to Nicosia on many occasions, where she was influenced by the segregation there. Also, as a former resident of Berlin, she has seen the split in the city and this became a powerful, driving force in her work.

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